Frequently Asked Questions

What is Decon7?

D7 is a powerful and effective decontaminant, disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, and deodorizer for a multitude of applications used by various industries from military and first responders, to food and bio-security. 

How much area will one gallon of Decon7 decontaminate?

10,000 - 20,000 sq ft in most industrial, commercial, and residential situations.

How long does the mixture last?

Up to 8 hours is recommended for disinfection and food surface sanitation.

How long does the product need to remain on surfaces?

Contact times range anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes. For specific guidelines, check our approved label claims. For COVID-19, our label claim is based on our norovirus claim (10 minutes dwell time). Tests on Bovine Coronavirus revealed 1-3 minutes for elimination of the virus and its RNA.

What kind of sprayer can I use?

Garden sprayer, paint sprayer, any type of liquid sprayer you can get at your local hardware store or garden center. Airless paint sprayers and mist applicators work as well. Rinse applicators with water after use.

What kind of PPE should I use when spraying?

Eye protection, respiratory protection (mask), and gloves. A protective suit is optional.

If Decon7 is safe and mild why do I need PPE?

D7 can be an irritant. To what degree depends on the individual person’s sensitivity to the ingredients in D7. Since we are unable to determine the end user’s sensitivity and application exposure, we recommend a level of PPE to alleviate any potential irritation.

Do I need to wipe down after spraying?

Generaly you do not need to wipe down surfaces after spraying D7. Undiluted D7 must be removed from any food surface. Wipe or rinse with clean cloth and water. At a 4:1 dilution, D7 does not need to be removed from food surfaces. D7 can leave a residue once it dries. If this happens and the end user doesn’t want the residue, it can be removed via wiping or rinsing with clean cloth and water.

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